Sunday, June 7, 2009

PC Power, Cooling and Certified Power Supply

This is very cool power supply. PC Power and Cooling 500W @ 40C (550W Peak), Reduces Noise up to 90%, .99 Power Factor Correction, +12V @ 35A , SATA drive connectors, Automatic Fan Speed Control, 5-Year Warranty and Support.
This one is a dream. Power connectors for every conceivable need, including 2 PCIe connectors in case you want to double up SLI-style (of course, there is only one PCIe slot on Dell's skimpy BTX style motherboard). It is actually a bit smaller than the Dell PSU, which is a good thing because I needed extra space to squeeze in the unused cables. I also had to snip away a tiny bit of the Dell case in back so the plug socket would clear the edge. It is amazingly quiet and provides unwavering power to 2 DVD drives, 2 hard drives and the CPU. Also runs very cool.
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