Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PC Performance: Increasing Speed

Newly bought computers are excellent with their speed. However, with their increasing usage and with ongoing time, their performance starts getting affected. Most PC users register complaints related to their decreasing speed and deteriorating output. However, this problem can be tackled just by exercising little more care. The speed of your PC can be improved and the performance can be boosted.
Low Cost Solutions
Various low-cost and high-cost solutions are available depending upon which one you would like to choose.
These can be self performed and installed to increase the efficiency of your machines
1. Adding Random Access Memory to Computer
This is all about the mother board of your system. Adding RAM can increase the memory of your motherboard. Different memory options of 256MB, 728 MB or 1GB etc are available
2. Switching to SCSI Drives
This option talks about switching over to SCSI drive from your IDE hard drives in the computer. SCSI drives solve the problem of slow communication speed which is normally faced with the installed IDE hard drives.
Free of Cost Solutions
Speed of computer can also be increased without spending any extra money. Various methods are available:
• Regular disk cleaning and de-fragmentation of the computer. This can free up unnecessary space used by the temporary files
• Cleaning the registry is another option. This eliminates all the regular and routine entries done by your system. Care should be exercised here as one should not delete some internal software related registries. Help of internet can be taken and some basic research can be done
• Disable the applications which are unnecessary and not required. Whenever you do not use any application, it is better to turn it off. This reduces the program uploading and increases the speed. Unnecessary services provided by Windows can be turned off as well
• Automatic start load can be turned off and unnecessary options can be removed
• Reducing the font size can also help. Fonts also slow down the system. Therefore getting excused from excessive large font can also be a solution. System fonts should however be left the way they are
• Deleting the history of searches on the system is another option. Delete the cookies as well. (this can be done by going to the internet browser and then to internet options from tool menus) However, one should note that some background is necessary for this. Without having basic knowledge and research such options should not be explored and if explored, care should be taken.